Ilan Amores

ILAN AMORES is a Singer-Songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He released his first album "1" back in 2016 in a limited first edition of 22 pieces. After being sold out immidiately a second edition of this album will be released by Pauli Punker Records & Tour Service. Right now Ilan is working on his second album “2” which will be on the market in 2018. This album will be recorded in Milchwerk Studios in Tubingen, Germany with a wide cast of Argentinian and German musicians. The sound Ilan has cultivated ranges from Ska, Rock N´ Roll, Folk, Punk roots and even Latin music. This collection of songs reflects the experiences Ilan has lived across Buenos Aires, Misiones and various European cities while playing and collaborating with cult Argentinian Punk band “Argies” and the new up and coming success of the Buenos Aires scene, “Harm & Ease”.

Argies: In 2012, Ilan began playing bass and singing backup vocals for Argies. They embarked on the first of many tours with him on board and by 2017 they had played over 350 shows in 20 countries. He played in the band’s albums “Bailando en mi Zapatos”. ”Siempre Alerta” “Prost Nazdrowie Cheers”. This band has gathered a communal following over the years in different parts of Europe, America and Asia through a great kinship with the counter culture of these places along with other punk bands involved with the underground scene and anti-fascist movement. They have also played various festivals and continue to release music after 32 years on the road.

Harm & Ease: In 2015, Ilan Amores crossed paths with guitar player Danny Lopez and singer Rylan Whalen who had already formed Harm & Ease in Burlington, Canada and were continuing their careers in Buenos Aires. They began playing shows at local clubs and recording their first album “Wonderful Changes”. The album was released on Itunes and Spotify and was received warmly with mainstream Argentine press and television taking a genuine interest without major label support. The band has finished recording their second album “Black Magic Gold” which will be released at the end of 2017.