iWÁNiDO is an independent band with roots in grunge and punk rock from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2015 they are presenting their new work “Duermo con el Sol”, their fourth studio album integrated to a new and powerful show with the best songs of their career and some other versions of International Punk. They will be touring in Spain and Germany in September. So get ready, adjust your belts, they come blowing like a hurricane and they will sweep up with everything. Cross your fingers and pray for them to land close to you because this may very well be one of the best grunge experiences in Spanish that you might experience.

Rock & Roll without frontiers as they like to describe it. It means also “I wan´ - I do”. And this is the attitude of these Argentian boys when the lights on the stage are turned on. The band carries vanguard punk in the veins while leaning on the bar anchor shots of garage, hard core, pop, surf and killer rock. These tips are clear influences of bands like Pixies, Hellacopters, Jane´s Adiction, Ramones, Nirvana, Turbonegro and God knows who else.

With almost 20 years of experience on the most rocky stages of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mar del Plata, Montevideo, Madrid, Cadiz, Valencia, Barcelona, Berlin, Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig, the frantic, psychedelic and deranged sound of the band can himnotize even the most terrible teenager.

iWÁNiDO is a journey of vibrations and riffs at high temperatures. The particular rhyme and sound of his lyrics in Spanish of ardent nights in the city, excesses, internal and external revolutions, parallels and tangled feelings caught the attention of a young public from the late 90s very quickly in all Argentina, part fo LatinAmerica, Spain and now Germany.