Vinyl - Hëlem - "Black Sheep"

Band: von anderen Labels | Release: April 2023

Hëlem - Das ist antifaschister Punkrock aus Israel und das ist ihr Statement:

„Our roots are in the antifascist punk/football scene and so is our political stand – Always antisocial. Always antifascist! As punx who live under the heavy influence of the Israhelli/Palestinian conflict – We strongly believe people are not to blame for the actions of their governments.This album is a projection of our lives here. We are the unwanted children of the regime, the outcast that never got along in society. We write about our government’s hypocrisy, on our national past, present and (lack of) future and where we as antifascist fit in this madness. We hope one day the people of this forsaken land could actually know peace in their hearts. Til that day – We’re here!“